Robert M. Gaspar, founder and CEO of Rescue Lounge, developed the one of a kind concept for this Nonprofit organization in 2022 after dedicating years and countless hours of his time to volunteering at Municipal and Nonprofit animal shelters. What began as a personal hobby quickly developed into a passion for directly impacting the lives of dogs at the highest risk for euthanasia.

Gaspar is a staunch advocate for dogs deemed aggressive or high risk; believing that the majority of them are misunderstood and acting out of fear. Gaspar maintains that every dog deserves a chance to live in a loving, stress free home especially after enduring many unimaginable horrors from which they’ve been saved.

Rescue Lounge is a critically needed community resource for shelter dogs in which they can be fairly assessed, supported, trained and ultimately adopted. It’s meant to serve as a transitionary space for shelter dogs to learn and practice what may be asked of them in their forever homes.

As a mobile unit, Rescue Lounge will be a free resource for local shelters in Southern New England who request its services. Within this dog friendly environment Rescue Lounge will be able to support the most stressed dogs by offering them a chance to decompress and train inside of a quiet and comfortable lounge. The motorhome will also be used as a complimentary meeting space for local volunteers, trainers and other animal welfare organizations to collaborate on behalf of each Rescue Lounge Dog.